Sunday, March 18, 2007

Culprit Caught

Would you believe we caught a flying squirrel in our attic? HIP, HIP hooray. Peaceful nights again. The trap is baited in case others have stayed behind. I just hope Chatterbox's cousins don't rush in till the master trapper returns home from his Sun Valley conference vacation. He called this p.m. saying he came down with food poisoning. Sadly he couldn't enjoy the reception tonight of sushi, beef tenderloin, satay and cheeses that kings must eat in their bathtubs. However he did say the ski lodge is spectacular and the views awe inspiring. Tomorrow may he be fully recovered to enjoy the slopes and sunshine.

The squirrel rubbed the fur off its nose trying to get out. When Ben released it several miles away it climbed a tree and glided in the air. Alex was on hand to witness the marvel.

Goodbye hair, hello eyes. Alex prepared for warmer weather.


stephanie said...

ah ha i spy that reddish/hotpink jetta. i didnt' know that you still had that!

flying squirrel. i would have never guessed, that is so cool!

i am redoing a dresser. i might email you a picture for some annalike inspiration.

peter said...


that's pretty cool. i didnt know that flying squirrels hung out around people.