Friday, March 09, 2007

Eden Gethsemane

I'm now an auntie. My brother, Peter, and his beautiful wife, Jen, had a baby girl yesterday morning. It is incredible how God brought Peter back from the other side of the world to be there for the birth of their firstborn. Peter wasn't suppose to get temporary leave till mid-March (several weeks after their baby's due date). I had been praying that Peter would be with Jen for the birth, which seemed highly unlikely. God did the impossible by letting the baby come over a week late and transporting Peter home from Iraq just in time to time contractions. Congratulations. Eden Gethsemane was 7.11 and 21 inches long born March 8, 2007.


peter said...


thanks for the prayers. God was good. we are very happy.

peter and jen

stephanie said...

congratulations to you and your brother - yay! i hope you all get to greet her in person soon.

i loved your pictures in the last post of emily and jane. mine love to go in countless loops around the house on their scooters or wagon. i love to see them having fun together. sometimes i want to freeze time and just live in the moment of their childhood.

Jeanine said...

What a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations Auntie Anna!