Monday, May 17, 2010

10 page turners for kids

These are a few of the interesting books we read this year. Many of the books are suggested by Veritas and Sonlight curriculum. One of the greatest things about home schooling is choosing what makes the reading list.

The Benge team writes consistently interesting biographies about people who I would love my children to emulate. This one penned Roland Bingham's perseverance, because many of his fellow missionaries died days after arriving in Africa. Though he suffered discouragement and physically, he continued pushing into Africa's interior because he wanted Christ preached.

Short little chapters about true events and people. Might stimulate further research into these Christians' lives.

Fritz was a fan of Detectives in Togas. The sequel is also good. (Sorry, you can't look inside it from my page, but Amazon does allow you a sneak peek.)

"Hans and Gretchen discover a young Jewish boy hiding from Nazi troops and decide to assist him in his escape from Austria"

Alex read the three books in the Young Refugees series very quickly.

The Winged Watchman is about a Dutch family who shows bravery in their Nazi occupied village.

Shadow Spinner is a Persian tale about a queen who tells stories nightly to the king to save her life. It reminded me a little of beware there are some adult concepts like a harem.

Ancient Rome comes to life in this 17 book series. I read the first four, and Alex took off where I left off. For months he asked for book 17 and he won it as a school prize. He probably finished it the day it arrived.

Amusing tale about 2 pet owls. The author is gifted with a conversational writing style.

One of Alex's favorite authors. He loves this trilogy called the Crown and the Covenant.

"In Scotland in 1666, fourteen-year-old Duncan learns the value of being true to his faith while fighting against supporters of England's King Charles II, who oppress the Covenanters--those who believe that only Jesus can be king of the church."

Dangerous Journey is from my childhood and it is the abridged version of Pilgrim's Progress. Awesome illustrations, prepare to be spiritually challenged by the piercing word pictures.

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From a full heart... said...

Oh what great timing you have! We have recently decided to plunge into the world of homeschooling and I have a hard time finding books that will engage Donovan so I am writing these down and ordering them for us! Thanks, my friend!