Saturday, May 01, 2010

Roadside Partial Cleanup

During the middle of the week we headed out of town a few miles and with old white business shirts flapping and our snow sticks (orange metal rods you use in snowy climates to mark your driveway) and green rubber gloves. We were a sight. All six of us. We picked wild dewberries by the side of the road. After past experience of intense itch from the thorns, our arms were covered and the snow sticks enabled us the push back the thorny vegetation to reach the plumpest berries in the shade. When we came home our shoelaces were purple and our white shirts were splattered with stains. We've been enjoying icecream and berries since.

Strangely, I found a German pfenning in my wallet so you can see the size of the dewberry or a nickel for those who prefer.

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