Saturday, May 01, 2010

Never idle

Been consumed with yard work, tearing down a fence, getting to know neighbors, building a new fence, cutting hair, cutting a hundred finger and toenails, painting a bedroom, staying up all night to do surgery, waking up to cough and cough some more, shopping for wood at Lowes, building a platform bed with huge casters, going to a garage sale next door, finding dishes there, eating lunch, washing those new dishes, upholstering a headboard, more yard work, cleaning leaves out of the pool, taking another trip to Lowes for paint, painting a bed, doing dishes again, putting kids to bed way past their bedtime, going in on Saturday to do surgery, mowing the lawn, and (don't forget) spraying six bodies with mosquito repellent every time you exit the door. I have stiff hands and Ben has a sore foot, but there is nothing quite as satisfying as getting some much needed work done. I love being busy in my home. What a blessing it was for Ben to mow the lawn and the kids to help hammer and paint.


Anonymous said...

any pics of the bed? i am very curious to see it!

Jenny said...

i seriously don't know how you accomplish so much, and do it so well! i'd like to see the bed, too!