Thursday, January 30, 2014

10 Burning Questions

Why does McDonald's cost less in China?
the yellow glow seems nostalgic and suitably greasy
With the exchange rate, it was 15 dollars for 7 combo meals.  That includes a sandwich, fries and a soft drink all for $2.14 US.  We ate there 5 nights in a row in Guangzhou.  We don't even really like McDonald's.  However Teddy thought it was the best dinner he had ever had.
Seems quite fitting that we brought him a Big Mac shirt.
What happens when an entire country is only children?  
It takes a long time to see a group of children anywhere. 
This was the most children we ever saw in one place.  They were enjoying their school recess.
It is always a picture worthy moment when you see kids.


What privilege do you have as blue-eyed children?

A grandmother at the park forces her baby on my girls, and then she wants a photo of her grandbaby being held by them, but she strangely doesn't have a camera.  The conversation was quite difficult since she spoke no English, and it was just the girls and I.  I happily took a picture, but the baby was not feeling smiley.

How does a Chinese shop window change for Christmas?

 The day before they had an eccentric green coat and the next evening they had a darling Santa coat. 

What happens when an orphan ages out of the system  (age 14) ? 

According to a reliable source inside China, over 60% of orphan girls end up in the sex trade.

1 in 7 of the boys become hardened criminals.

With the physically handicapped children, I wonder if they become beggars like this man we saw.

The answers the orphanage directors gave us were cloaked with diplomacy.  I truly hope that they do strive to get children further education.  But I am a bit too skeptical that the term "education" hides a lesson in the hardness of life and a slave existence as a factory worker or much worse. 
What isn't hidden in China?

The moral depravity in Guangzhou is strewn across the sidewalks in the form of x-rated business cards.  I overheard a despicable man promoting girls on the street to another man.  Sadly, the venue was our hotel.  It broke my heart. 
The wicked tourism seems to prosper, but I did see a policeman take a young high heeled, short skirted girl into custody at our hotel.  Maybe she had forgotten to pay her bribe. 
What makes a blanket warm?
Of course, double sheep.

Why do Chinese men smoke like chimneys?

That I don't know.  Their cigarettes are extremely pungent and seem much more offensive smelling than western brands.  It was a sad fact to arrive home and hear one of our neighbors say that he has a friend who is trying to expand the cigarette market for Chinese women.  Way to go for gender equality.  Now both sexes can die of lung cancer. 
In one of our hotel rooms I found a cigarette floating in the toilet.   When Ben's compact phrase book deemed it necessary to learn "I saw a rat in my room,"  who was I to squeal over a cigarette. 
Why did our hotel rooms have fire respirators in them?

Many of those smokers must enjoy a final puff between their bed sheets.  Two respirators per hotel room seemed standard.  Guess it gets problematic when there are seven of you and four masks.

  In a communist country that has devalued the sanctity of life, I wonder if the respirators are for their western image.  Why should they care who exits a burning building, when they already have strict population control?

What gets lost in translation?

This restaurant sounds incompatible.  I am convinced vegetarians are everything but carefree.
 After all, they care what they eat more than most people. 
I was named Ms. Fedrick

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