Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Fake America

December 22nd
It was Sunday, and our guide took us to the zoo.  Teddy told our guide that we were in America.  Our guide told him we were in Guangzhou.  Teddy argued with her and told her we were in America, because he had gotten on an airplane.  He knew she was not telling the truth.  
This is when you know that your sweet little boy has very limited knowledge of the world.  Though Guangzhou was nicer is some respects to the previous cities in China, the people were still 99% black haired Asians, speaking Chinese and everywhere there were Chinese signs, Chinese shops and nothing that remotely looked American to us. 
Therefore, here is a Tiger in the fake
America.  Now that I have studied the photo more closely, this tiger did look a lot like the tiger in the Houston zoo.  Maybe animals in cages make every continent look the same.

Here is a boy that once lived in the real America.

Here are pandas that refused to give up their munchies and say hello in English.

Mushrooms grow bigger in the fake America.

The sheep had a dialect that could have been from New Jersey.

The pigs did have rounder eyes.

The llamas enjoyed eating.  Teddy enjoyed feeding them, but the guide warned him not to overfeed them.  I guess llamas are like Teddy whose stomach is not quite big enough for American-sized portions.

Emily with a happy elephant.  A month after our visit to the zoo, Teddy told me the elephant is the biggest in school today.

The golden peasants were stunning.

The peacocks were strutting and attracted quite a crowd.

Teddy pleased with his outing in America

Jane and Emily pleased with their outing in China

Alex high on a hill with a lonely goatherd...Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo

Emily with some bamboo with etched kanji on it.  You don't see this in America everyday.

Fritz under a mysterious sculpture.

Teddy on the shoulders of a special man.

Wouldn't it be fun if Chinese lanterns became popular in America?  I do like them.

Emily tired of walking and my photo taking.

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M & M said...

some beautiful pictures and lovely commentary. Funny to see pigs in the zoo. Also, the rhino cages dont look quite as secure as our American ones...oh wait, the real American ones. That was the tip-off to me. :)