Friday, January 24, 2014

Brides Magazine Chinese Edition

Every little girl loves to flip through bride magazines, I was no exception.  Therefore, this grown-up little girl took great delight in all the Christmas weddings in Guangzhou.  If you are my secret sister, you can vote for your favorite bride too. 
1. The Artistic Couple
My favorite photo... the afternoon light was beautiful.

One wedding hotel on its little island.  We walked here almost everyday from our hotel.

2. The Playful Couple
A mint green couple getting monkey photographs.  I think Asian men are much more adventurous in their outfits, or their women are much more influential.
3. The White Glove Couple
Traditional western white (however white is typically a color of mourning in China).  The bride cares about being proper and regal and has some queen in her with her high tiara.

Seemed like it should be pinhole photography with the scantily clad statues in the foreground.

4. The Hide and Seek Couple 
A cute couple in seafoam blue.  This is the second couple we saw posing covering eyes.  It must be an Asian thing.
5. The Bride without a Face
A green dress with her tangerine coat were eye catching.   It was slightly too cold to uncover till the photographer was ready.  The flowers in her hair were lovely.

6. The Prediction Couple
She will be strong-willed in their home, and he will allow her to wear the decision making hat. 
7. The Life Seasoned Couple
An older groom giving us the thumbs up. 

8. The Independent Couple. 
They walked alone, no photographers, no entourage.  His hands in his pockets bespoke that he does things for himself. 
Loved her heels
9. The Barbie and Ken Couple
It's his purple pants and checked shirt that make this couple Mattel packaging worthy.

10. The Regret Couple
The photographer seemed unusually pleasant, but the couple looked like they were regretting the "happy" event.  The bride's tiara seemed like it slipped into depression like her spirits.  It didn't help that her army green coat with epaulets projected she was wedding out of duty to country.

One afternoon our guide took us to Shamian Island on the Pearl River.  Brides were around every corner.  I had gotten much bolder being in China and started taking photos of strangers like they did of us.  I regret that we never asked to pose with them. 
The groom seemed to have a polished upbringing.  He was the perfect gentleman with his bride.

11. The Rich Kid Couple
They are dubbed this because they were aloof like they had grown up with money and privilege.  He was very handsome and she was very beautiful. 

A model on Shamian Island who had metallic lipstick.

One of the prettiest brides
Loved how she leaned down to put on her blue Converses

12. The Bold-Spirited Couple 
Talk about a statement dress and tux.
13. The Kitten and Wolf Couple.
She was a little too kittenish and he seemed to be leering like a wolf.
Makeup artist and model

14. The Outgoing Couple.
Her yellow dress betrayed her personality.  Fresh and spunky with the bling at her waist.

15. The Introspective Couple.
Her dress was dainty and graceful, and her groom was adoring and respectful.  They will have a successful marriage.
16. The Rushed Couple
In a rush to follow tradition. They may quit rushing in their forties and wonder how they got where they are.

17. The Light-Hearted Couple
They will look back at their wedding photos and laugh.   Humor will take them through the rough spots.

18. The Laundry Line Bride
Her shoes were fantastic.  The laundry hanging out to dry on the balcony makes the picture.  I hope she isn't hung out to dry, she had such a sweet face.

19. The Waiting Couple
Waiting for their ideal backdrop as another couple goes first.   Being less assertive, they will always be waiting for the Changs and the Zhangs.

20. The Friendly Couple
Loved me taking a photo of them and flashed the victory sign.  I think they'll be victorious in marriage based on their dispositions.

21.  The Distant Bride
She will remain a mystery.

22. The Finding Themselves Couple
They were dressed in perfectly coordinated outfits, yet they didn't seem to know quite who they were.  I think that is why they opted for grey.
23. The Groom that Waits
He waited for his bride to have her hair done.  I think that is a good sign.

24. The Lettuce Leaf Bride
She is a vegetarian and he likes the way she eats her salad.

25. The Reversed Couple
She is in blue and he is in pink.  They will always do unexpected things.
26. The Tiny Rosebud Bride
She is a miniature rose and her groom is undoubtedly a big thorny fellow.

27. The Gone with the Wind Bride
She is an avid movie watcher and want to be a southern belle.  She will have her gowns made from curtains and hold on to her piece of Tara, a basket with flowers in it. Her first marriage is to a man she doesn't respect.
See the similarities.

28. The Good Luck Couple
They were both born in the year of the dragon, and they consulted the stars to choose the best date.

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Incredible photos! Just want to look at them over and over. Can't decide. Several are incredibly artistic photos but which bride catches my fancy??? hmmm...