Thursday, January 09, 2014

Heavy steps in Hefei

 Between appointments and getting the official paperwork to permit us to leave, we had a lot of time to walk. We tried to walk off our jet lag.  In Hefei, we never ate dinner, instead we would go to sleep. 

Daddy helping Teddy with some gloves

We walked to the park from our hotel

Our hotel in the background.  The dining room was the circular windows at the very top.

Bumper cars was a big HIT

A cute father and baby at the park feeding the carp
The elephant slide

 A beggar

Face masks, lap blankets, backwards coats, small banana yellow enclosed moped

Ear cleaning stations on the street

Live ducks in a cart

A fortune teller

Someone's recent catch hanging at the carnival

Teddy wasn't so sure of the carousel, but Daddy stayed by his side.

I really liked the ice cream container's art.  It was far too cold for ice cream.

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M & M said...

some really artistic pictures and you weren't kidding about the smog!