Thursday, January 09, 2014

Pirates Take Captive Christmas

December 19th
Wedding cakes were displayed with the breakfast buffet on the 29th floor.

There was a strange pirate and Christmas theme, with Halloween cobwebs on the iron banisters.

Pirates steal treasure; God gave his Treasured Son.  Confused about the Christmas connection?  We were too.

 The skulls and crossbones definitely cheapened the look.  You would expect to see them on a gas station's windows, but in a five star hotel's breakfast room, it seemed a little amiss. 

Maybe the skull were a warning if you breathed the contaminated air too long your death was imminent.  Hefei welcomed us daily with a grey cloud of smog.   What a world to wake up in.  On our return home, Ben said half-seriously, China had made him an environmentalist.

Twins looking like they haven't quite woken up.  Notice the morning person in the background is smiling.

Even the taxidermy wore a pirate bandana

The hostess wore a Santa suit.

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M & M said...

absolutely positively love the picture of alex and ben. So artistic, so funny and had never thought they looked alike really until see side by side. Loved, loved, loved it!
And the view into the pirate decor was funny international, at least to have in 5 star hotel as you say!