Wednesday, January 29, 2014


December 24th
The last week in China the days bumped into each other like the people in line at the airport.  Consequently, I really don't know on what day we went to the Folk Art Museum in Guangzhou, but I think it might have been on Christmas Eve.

The porcelain roof tiles were ornate and colorful

My sweet little Teddy

This disturbing sculpture interested Teddy...maybe it will provide a lesson to not put his head between rungs.


The girls were a favorite with the Chinese

Ivory like you have never seen it

Puzzle balls

Love how the lighting cascades on Jane in the doorframe

An entirely embroidered "painting".  It was magnificent.

Carved from little nuts

Amazing one piece of wood carved with lobsters and baskets.

The porcelain roof tiles.

Family stamps

Clear images of mountains and bridges from the side of his talented hand


My boy who can clown around with the best of them.  Shamian Island has grown a nursery of bronze statues.

A female Pied Piper on the violin.  Thankfully, my children did not disappear into the side of a mountain never to be seen again.  The lesson is to always pay the rat catcher.

The European influenced architecture on Shamian Island was lovely

The art of the game
Teddy wanted no part in ring around the rosie.  I don't blame him.  Who really wants to die of the Black Death in the end?


 An exquisite mosaic floor in a luxury hotel on the island

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