Monday, January 13, 2014

Hazy Days

December 20th

As so much of Hefei is being demolished and rebuilt, the limited visibility is perfect to hide some of the unsightly growing pains of a city trying to reidentify itself.

Caged apartments were ever so popular.  Laundry racks were also universal.  Privacy is a western luxury.  Here the color of your underwear and the design on your new bed sheets is viewed by all your neighbors and strangers alike.  If you live near someone, you can probably predict their wash day and how often they change clothes.  If you live on the 16th floor and one of your newly washed socks slides off, I guarantee if you ever get it back, it won't be clean anymore.  The streets are filthy and the air isn't much better.
Ad men

Masks to cover your nose and mouth were very common in Beijing and Hefei.  It was only in Hefei, that I started to notice the variety.  We saw plain white surgical masks, leopard masks, animal face masks, floral masks,  polka-dot masks, and rainbow masks.  The Chinese are asserting their personal style and independence in their choice of fashion masks. 

Super saturated color brings some joy to a gloomy backdrop.

Maybe the Super Casserole Restaurant has your local comfort food.  We thought the name was funny.  I doubt they even know what a casserole is.   I suspect it is a noodle cover-up.

Cabbages on a pole?

Meat curing between chairs next to the park.


Some weird fruit being rolled down the street.

Another skilled rock mosaic path with butterflies, birds, and designs to keep your walk less boring. My sweet little butterflies don't look so light in their heavy winter coats.

Teddy enjoying turning plate exercise


Beer bottle Christmas tree
Elliptical machines that don't require a gym membership.

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