Monday, January 20, 2014

The Medical Appointment

All eagerness.  Poor Teddy doesn't know where he is going.
In the lobby of the medical building you could buy wine from a vending machine.  It came in full glass bottles and I forgot to take a picture of it.  There were different grapes and fancy vineyard labels.  I guess a little wine is good for what ails you.

 Fritz waiting for Teddy's appointment.
As Teddy came into the building, he tripped on the threshold and our guide told Teddy he broke it.  I did not care for her joking.  It seems with a child with limited life experience you need your words to be straightforward and not playfully deceiving.  We were here because Teddy has to have medical clearance to enter the US. 

Our guide told Teddy that they were going to test him for worms.  Teddy replied that he didn't have worms because he brushes his teeth everyday.  I hope brushing your teeth does indeed ward off worms.

Being weighed by a white capped nurse, all 16 kilos of him...36 pounds.  Kilos is a flattering measurement for an American.   You think, "How light I am."

Whereas, centimeters just makes you seem gangly.  Teddy was 116 centimeters...about 46 inches. 

Show me the direction of the hand on the chart.   This was quite difficult for Teddy even though he has excellent eyesight.  His hands and arms are a little stiff.

Sweet little guy smiled till his blood was drawn.

Daddy holding his sorrowful son.  Teddy's veins are invisible and it took quite a while to get a blood sample.  He was traumatized.  Thankfully, the Ipad makes things slightly better.

Not so happy on exiting, Teddy scrambled into the very back of the van when it came for us.  He wanted to be furthest from the door.  His intelligence is clear, because he chose the safest distance from extraction.
After the medical appointment, the rest of us were relieved to be one step closer to coming home. 

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