Thursday, January 30, 2014

Where Your Feet Lead You -part 2

We did a lot of walking while in Guangzhou and were very thankful for such lovely parks to spend hours exploring

The boat in the background really beckoned.


 The younger kids danced in the park while some musician played their guitars.

The trees were magical

We liked the little stools the gardeners sat on.

Early evening at the park

My Mr. Tic Tac
He loved dispensing tic tacs to us.  He would suck on his own tic tac until it was a colorless sliver and then take it out of his mouth.  Beware of the orange tic tacs, he dropped them on the ground and then put them all back in the container.  Nothing so good should be wasted.

 She went to China with gaps in her mouth but a heart filled with thoughts of Teddy.

 I never tire of looking at his thoughtful, handsome face.

One of my favorite photos of the four littles.

Exercised with the locals

Growing older


M & M said...

there are some really special pictures here. Love the one of all the kids on the hill! Should go on the blog somewhere.

Veronica said...

Beautiful story, photograph, and family. Teddy is fortunate as are all of you. Thank you for sharing.