Monday, January 06, 2014

And Then We were Seven

 December 17th
 Hefei, Anhui Province 
Today is the day that Teddy is officially adopted as our son by permission of China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption.

This lady had a bundled baby in the back of her motor cart.  Notice the oven mitts attached to the handlebars.  Everywhere in the northern China where the temperatures were frigid, we saw these handlebar mittens.
Motor scooters were very popular.  While they rode, people wore one coat and a second coat backward over their arms and chest as a windbreaker to keep warm .  Also many people had lap blankets which we saw the street vendors selling.

The noodle shop's robot.  He followed a course between the tables and I guess you could put your dirty bowls on his tray.

The robot's eye flashed red electronic hearts and dollar signs.  Someone should read 1 Timothy 6:10 to that robot.
On the sidewalk beside the Civil Affairs office.


After our interviews
we were handed the red folder with gold lettering that proclaimed  Zhang, Xiaobo our son.   Next we headed to some shops to buy gifts for the orphanage visit the next day.  

Our guide is in the black coat and blue jeans.  She had the most beautiful hair. 

5 lovely children

In the hotel lobby


In the background you can see the island seating area in the middle of the hotel lobby which floated over a shallow pool of water with rocks arranged in letters at the bottom.

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