Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another Flight, Another City

December 21st
Low ceilings greeted us on the 10th floor. The bathroom ceilings were a foot lower still, and several mornings I bumped my hands on the ceiling as I brushed my long hair.  Despite the vertical headroom being Asian-sized, the rooms were quite lovely.
Welcome Baby Wilson.  Our sweet 7 year old has a playpen ready for him in The China Hotel. 
This is testimony that there are so few older child adoptions.  I appreciated the hotel's gesture.

We had the luxury of two queen beds and a king bed.  We ended up dragging the playpen into the hall and let housekeeping put it elsewhere.
Coming south also changed the demographics of China.  There were a substantial number of Muslims in Guangzhou.  Even the hotel drawer indicated the direction to pray.

Elevators were interesting optical stimuli.
What appeared to be colored meringue candy was displayed in jars.

The breakfast room looked out onto the roof of a McDonald's next door.
Loved, loved the white fruit with black seeds.

Our American kids loved the homemade donuts.  Teddy never wanted one.  He preferred eggs, yogurt and fruit.

 Teddy enjoying a banana.

The door girls were exceptionally pretty.  One of them wore lavender contacts which intrigued Emily and Jane.  
When we went out or came in, the door girls would admiringly stroke Emily's and Jane's hair and pinch their cheeks profusely.  They expressed that our girls were very beautiful.  The more curious door girl wondered why Jane had freckles on her nose.

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a really attractive hotel! What is that fruit called?