Saturday, January 04, 2014

When We Don't Speak the Same Language

This adoption experience is plum full of amazing insights into God's work in my own life.   I see that just as Teddy doesn't speak English, I didn't speak the language of God when I was adopted either.  I came into the kingdom with a foreign tongue.  I am a daughter of the Tower of Babel.  Though I did not understand God's language, he understood my gibberish.  God loved me through my confusion, my self-lies and taught me tenderly the language of the kingdom.  Language is learned by immersion.  Speaking to God only becomes natural when I spend time in his presence.  I immerse myself in the Word and I can speak like him.  I pick up Jesus' accent; I pick up Jesus' mannerisms.  How I would rather Teddy speak the language of God than all the English dictionary.  It was amazing to hear Teddy say in Chinese that he knew who Jesus Christ is.  The Great Linguist is already at work teaching my son.

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M & M said...

neat analogy.